Friday, February 24, 2012

Janet K. Schmidly: The Lady Diversity

As OSU former First Lady,
Janet Schmidly
was presented with a proclamation
by Brad Henry
proclaiming September 17 as
“Janet Schmidly Day”...
Mrs. Schmidly had exceptional contribution
in supporting diversity efforts
via the OSU Parents Association,
She and her husband had also made
Free Oil Change for Students day
at the end of each term.

Image Credit:, OSU official web news outlet...


  1. excellent,

    the couple had been very inventive while they were at OSU, not only they made free oil change for students day, they also created local city bus all around services which made ordinary citizens riding bus for only 50 cents as non students or free for students very easy and cool, they never stopped trying to imporve the school,
    including snow plowing from roads in campus ...

    The husband had increased monority recruitments in 3 to 5 % while his stay..
    both wife and husband are outstanding in making life around them better.

  2. amazing facts on the Schmidly,

    They look supportive indeed.


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