Friday, March 30, 2012

Nebraska=The New York Times+Bradley Peraino+Britney Spears+A. B. Thomas+Kavita+A. Kable

The state of Nebraska is mainstream for its
connection to The New York Times, Britney Spears,
A. B. Thomas, and more, this place is both
wild and stunningly beautiful, girls think for
themselves and have self respect, laughing
Kookaburra is one fascinating creature from God
that graces the place with its talent, humor,
and embrace...

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Dr. Suess, Dr. Wu, and Dr. Clinton: I Admire Clinton for Being A True Gentleman

Image Credit:, Human Rights, Women's Rights...

What does family mean?
Everyone is created equal by constitution,
But gender differences still exist,
in America, not all women are as lucky as
Hillary Clinton, as a woman trying to
equalizing human rights with my husband,
I fall silent, sad, and confused...
Ms. Clinton, please fight for those
who are less fortunate than you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scotland (Scott Jackson + England): The Amazing Homeland

 Billy William Manson...Image Credit:, 
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Scotland is famous for its castles,
and its loyal princes and princesses,
Scotland is homeland of a former blogging
friend of Jingle, his name is Billy
William Manson, who used to live in America
and now resides at England...what a fabulous
connection to see Scott Jackson + England
being honored in name of Scotland...Smiles!

Albert Einstein (1879-1955): Success = Work + Play Outdoors + Silent Meditations

Being a student at Oklahoma State University
means that you go to football games,
Enjoy orange peel, and read the Daily O'Collegian,
Opinion page of the paper usually centers
collective ideas and thoughts, editors are students
who encourage orange spirits, highlight faculty
research achievements, and yeah, their cartoon rocks.
Success = Work + Play Outdoors + Silent Meditations.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Panama Project Involving Sheng: Direct Quotation from Northwestern University

"Teams from ESW-NU enjoy implementing
photovoltaic systems
of Santo Domingo and Santa Librada.
In March 2011, solar panel
systems were installed in the homes
of five Santa Librada families.
and the team is developing ways
to make the systems
financially sustainable, so that
more homes and more communities
are benefited from it in the park."

Image Credit: Students from Northwestern University involved in Panama Project...Sheng is in it in 2011