Monday, April 30, 2012

Robert R. McCormich School of Engineering: The Perfect Place To Grow Talents and Absorb Grace!

Attending Robert R. McCormich School of
Engineering at Northwestern University
is a genuine challenge, it's also rather
entertaining, Sheng has a curious mind
and is always eager to learn,
I reckon that he has found a perfect place
to upgrade his intelligence,
fine tune his Cello talents,
and polish his leadership
or creative writing skills...

Image Credit: on Northwestern University, Robert R. McCormich School of Engineering...

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Lazy gaze,
A rainbow of grace,
Sky-high vodka,
A Demon swallows sips of vinegar.
Lightning flickers,
Thunder nervously shakes
the thing it holds in its pocket
until raindrops filter through in relief.
Releasing happiness,
The day lunge at the place it belongs to,
Heaviness flees,
Lightning strikes to open blinded eyes.
I talk in Russian,
Dipping in gold,
with burns resolving in drinks
from the discharge and surge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

South Korea=South Carolina+North Dakota+Oregon+Seatle (Washington WuShengTom State)

How sad to see Korea being divided
by differences of political system,
politics is controversial,
there is NO right system from wrong system,
communism and capitalism co-exist,
the way democrats and republicans do-
complementing each other...
China and the U. S. a. must show respect
and build a relation with flexible space.
Bless South Korea.

Image Credit:, on South Korea, China, the U. S. A....North Korea