Monday, September 24, 2012

On The Women Who Are Actually Men!

This is a man, who is dressed as a woman, how trick?!

if a man dressed as a woman,
what would you do?
Treat him as a lady,
and say: "How cool to know you!"
If his voice changed his choice,
what would you say?
Speak with a gentle voice,
and say: "get better another day."


  1. First off, is that really a man up above? He's gorgeous!!! Second, I enjoyed reading this and I don't quite know how I'd react if I met a man dressed as a woman; never have before. If he were dressed like that though the only thing I'd be able to say would be, "Wow, where did you get your clothes? They're gorgeous!!" Yeah, that would be the first thing out of my mouth. LOL!! Thanks for sharing; hoping you have a blessed week.

  2. a switch is a shocking fact and he is beautiful.