Saturday, September 7, 2013

Success comes From Support from Fellow Professors, Funding Staff, and Relavent Organizations...Thanks a Lot!

A faculty's success depends on at least three major factors:

Outstanding work in teaching, research, and mentoring/advising...
Colleagues' approval and successful founding history in his/her subject areas
Supportive department or company bosses

Well, i wish to give a list of names who have spent time looking at Jiahong Wu's ODE, PDE credentials and teaching, public speaking, and research publishing so that Professor Wu become more encouraged, and better featured faculty-Regent Professor of OSU.

The Wus and Yans wish to thank you for your time:

Lenya (Leonid) Ryzhik ---Standford University, Palo Pluto,
Igor Kukavica ---University of Southern California, Los Angeles,
Alexander Kiselev---University of Wisconsin at Madison,
Maria E. Schonbek---University of California at Santa Cruz
Hisashi Okamoto-Kyoto University of Japan
Thomas Y. Hou ---California Insrtitute of Technology
Rober Myers---Oklahoma State University
David Wright---Oklahoma State University, Personal Committee Chair of 2012-2013 Math Dept.
Robert J. Sternberg---Provist at OSU, Stillwater Campus, Oklahoma,
Bret Danilowicz---Dean of College of Arts and Science, OSU
William Bus Jaco---Mathematics Department Head, OSU,
Pamela Fry---Intern Vice President, OSU
Burns Hargis---President of Oklahoma State University,
Peter Constantin---Princeton University Professor,
Birne Bingar---Associate Head of Math Department, OSU
Jeffrey Mermin---Assist Professor at OSU
David Henneberry---Vice President of International Studies..

plus oklahoma state university board of regents committee members...national science foundation of usa, china, america math journals and societies...

 Jiahong Wu, an Oklahoma State University assistant professor of mathematics, has been awarded one of four American Mathematical Society Centennial Fellowships given nationally this year.
The fellowship carries a $40,000 award to support the recipient's research.

Wu, 33, OSU's first winner, will use the fellowship to spend next year pursuing his research at the Texas Institute of Computational and Applied Mathematics, part of the University of Texas, and at the University of Chicago.

Originally from China, Wu attended Beijing University before coming to America in 1992 to earn his doctorate at the University of Chicago. He joined OSU last fall.

Wu studies mathematical fluids mechanics, and he is working on math problems related to the Navier-Stokes equations, which describe fluid motions.

He said the equations were derived in the 19th century by a French engineer, Navier, and a British physicist, Stokes. He said the equations are extremely hard to analyze, and no one has been able to prove that the 3-D Navier-Stokes equations have global smooth solutions, which is what Wu is studying. The Clay Mathematical Institute, based in Cambridge, Mass., has selected the problem as one of its seven Millennium Prize problems, which carry a $1 million prize for their solutions.
UCO student places first
Melanie Fulton, a senior psychology student at the University of Central Oklahoma, recently won first place in the American Association for the Advancement of Science national competition for undergraduate and graduate students.

Fulton's project, titled "Effects of Various Incubation Effects on Creative and Semantic Problem Solving Tasks," was recognized during the association's Feb. 16 meeting in San Francisco.
Fulton received a blue ribbon, certificate and check for $600 from the association.
Bio-informatics session set
Tulsa Community College will hold a workshop about bio-informatics, a new scientific discipline largely concerned with storage and analysis of genetic and molecular biological data, at 9 a.m. March 15 in the Information Commons Building on the college's west campus.

Sandra Porter of Geospiza Inc., a Seattle company that develops software for molecular biology research, will lead the workshop.

Applications for the workshop, due Feb. 28, are available from Victoria Gonzales-Prevatt, Ph.D., TCC Instructor of Chemistry and Biology, at (918) 595-8202.

The Austin Community College Biotechnology Program and Bio-Link, a National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education Center, are co-sponsoring the bio-informatics workshop with TCC.

Since 1997, Geospiza Inc. has specialized in creating effective bio-informatics systems, built from software components specifically selected for government, industrial or academic needs. The following fields overflowed: SECTION = Oklahoma NOW! EDUCATION - FAMILY - PARENTING
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