Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tripoli (Tarabulus, Duliboya, Telaibaji)

Libya is well known,
Tripoli is catching up,
Write down Tripoli, Tarabulus, Duliboya, Telaibaji,
We know that words do duplicate themselves along like a crown:


Tripoli reminds me of cherries,
Tripoli implies growth, decay, wounds, policy, mathematics,
Tripoli contains tadpoles, frogs, eels, maturity, policeman, politics,
and Tripoli is a symbol to libya
and the center to its technology and healthy science.

Again, when you visit Tripoli,
You'd better do it on Wednesday, particularly
in the month of March,
and be sure to be polite
so that Mona Lisa stays in touch
to safeguard your freedom, in the US and worldwide.

Be aware, Thorbjom Jagland, Thomas Bach,  and Kaci Kullmann Five enjoy
offering fame to lots of folks, and they may find Tripoli being
as interesting as Oslo or the powerful Olympic games.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oxalis's Choice: Pink Mouse, Grey Mouse

When I think of pink mouse,
I refer to red potatoes,
Strictly speaking, it's really yam,
In Chinese we call it HongShu, yum.

When I image grey mouse,
I mean it as a computer mouse
with shapes and sizes
the same as yams.

So, we may call a computer mouse
a white yam,
We definitely visualize a pink food yam
a red yam.

Yams, rice,
Yarns, mice,
Similar sound,
Different objects in purpose and price.