Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Edison International: Powerful Force In Wisely Digging and Applying Sunny Energy!

Edison International is a public utility
holding company based in Rosemead, California.
Its subsidiaries include Southern California Edison,
and non-utility assets Edison Mission Energy
and Midwest Generation, power producers,
and Edison Capital. The company was first
incorporated in 1909 as Southern California
Edison Company after Southern California acquired
the assets of (Thomas) Edison Electric Company.

Friday, May 9, 2014

All We Want Is Peace (Please) by Gordon David


Please, Peace, Please,
There’s something we should do
That’s not been done
Something we can win
That’s not been won
Something we can SHOUT OUT
To end all their brutal war games
We Want Peace

Case for war was fake,
Don’t let it fade
More lives can be saved
Got to be brave
Something we can shout out,
We want peace, and we want it right now
Talking is Free

All we want is Peace
All we need is Peace
All we ask is Peace, Please
Peace is all we want

All we crave is Peace
All we miss is Peace
All we lack is Peace
Peace is all we want

Something we can ask,
Before it’s blown
Something we can grow
Before it’s grown
Small green shoots of Peace
To educate next infancy
Believe me

All we want is Peace
All we crave is Peace
All we wish is Peace, please

Peace is all we ask
It’s not a big task
Believe me
It’s easy.

All we want is Peace, All we want is Peace,
All we need is Peace, All we need is Peace.
Peace is all we want,
Peace is all we want
Peace is all we need,
Peace is all we need………………

Peace, Peace, Please,