Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Science Fiction In View

dark and mysterious,
unidentified space monsters,
a world inside a rabbit hole,
s truggle to cure a family of their own "curse".
Howard's story is compelling,
Alyssa, Alice, Matt, and Rachel echo a trial between generations,
Lewis Caroll's wonderland fades,
the world is confused and angered.
For some, life is smooth sailing,
for many, family history haunts like ghosts,
a book is a window to the world,
we feel the thin ice as we unfold the fearful world
       inside Howard's imagination.
Either Henry Holt, Random House,
or Abrams/Amulet, Amazon,
every individual has Splintered moments,
You are not alone!


  1. science fiction does take us to strange places,
    glad to see such review.

  2. freedom of writing indeed entertain us here.
    lovely poem.

  3. science fiction is entertaining on its own way too.

  4. a fiction is a creation of a story with plots, people, and emotion in it,
    i am sure it serves some well in its own powerful publishing.