Wednesday, February 18, 2015

i Collect dust

i collect dust as iu age
and gather strength to breathe...
I feel no guilty
to let my ego burn into ashes...
what I promote is good
as well as nonsense, understood,
poetry is a sword and a rose petal
and i have hooked myself on a tight rope,
walking high above neverous autidence,
i have attracted your attention,
unique and versatile that you are,
relax your nerve,
Because it is a sin
to sing on your innoence
and laugh at the thing
that rules against your excellence
I grow lazy, and easy
as snow melts, and earth
turns into mud,
to rebirth
that may last. 


  1. sometimes, we tell how we feel to improve friendship.
    which is cool.

  2. stark reality striking title and sensitive thoughts'

  3. We are all collecting dusts sometimes ... beautiful poem.

  4. Like that thought of collecting dust, good write