Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mimi and Morton at Evanston, MA

Far at Midwest,
lives a couple who dress up for Graduation-Fest,
the city gues a song,
that's Heaven to Mimi and Morton.
We see Pat Quinn in Black Shoe,
We see Elizabeth Cao in White Shirt,
We see Natalie Thomas in Blue Hairdo,
We see Joe Giles Stephen in Green Skirt.
While Nu band rocks and rolls,
Delicious foor please the Schapiros,
What Besty Gestory smiles people wear,
Sarah Roxance have fun at Mahala Famous footwear.

PS; a humor tribute sealed for poets rally week 80, have fun!

 Hyde Park Poetry


  1. a big merry-go-round for Illinois residents.

  2. there are people who like to support others, in a way that appear acceptable.

  3. Happy Day.

    the perfect poet award for week 80, please enjoy and have fun for next poets rally.