Thursday, March 26, 2015

Taste of Stillwater

Long waiting line,
A dog, a goat greets the crowd one.
chick-fil-A, lots of coupons,
Mexico Joe's, pastas and lemons.
a beef bistro,
a fajita roll,
a chocolate cake slice,
a Cindy's pizza piece,
a ranch club hamburger,
hungry wolf chips and dip,
Jimmy John's sandwiches mini,
OSU water bottles,
Arby's diet pepper,
Freddy Paul Salad bar,
Dominos cheese stickes...

Payne County Expo Center,
A community of Public Education and
a taste of Stillwater!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

happiness Haiku

happiness speaks,
when your room is warm, and your
children feel satisfied.
happiness grow
when understanding runs deep,
and trust is the root.
fame, money, and love,
everyone cooks for happiness,
spring gives joy, yeah!

 Hyde Park Poetry