Friday, May 22, 2015

October Treasure In Haiku


                                                               Reindeer in Woods
Blue sky, sunny day,
Cheerful birds, crowded highways,
Minds fully wired.

Green trees, soft breeze, Fall,
Turning wheels, speed limit, go
let turn, right turn, stop!

With destination,
Time, gas, and satisfaction
done with distant calls.

The autumn season,
Cooler air, plus thicker cloths,
proper adjustments!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Valden, Hinz, and Harthorns (world peace business act year number 4)

as evening shadows fall,
and mosquitoes bump against the white washed wall,
Walt Owen stays awake,
Valden Lee remains great.
Iowa summer is always hot,
Laura's straw hat is always wide-edged,
when violets grow and people wear few,
Grace will always play hide-and-seek,
free from birds that are caged.
The lake is calm,
Roses dance with sharp thorns,
Hinz Queyras will go horse back riding with Harthorns Pritts,
and Valden will make some lemon-made for Ann Ahebee.
Traveling makes one tired,
a wagon is perfect for a ride,
when wild geese relax,
the family of Henry, Isola, and Fasano always settles for pause.