Thursday, October 22, 2015

the way Vallory Vencill and Sue Jacobs Think (short story slam week 31)

#Short Story Slam prompt 31

image credit:, peanut cartoon entertainment

Indians were used to reside at Rhode island, Oklahoma Cherokee territory,  nobody thinks
that they are offensive to anybody outside the states, when George Pierce and Thomas 
Sheldon came, they jumped in joy for getting to know a place differing from their old
greenland, and they had difficulty being accepted by these Paw Wow dancers

some goods George and Thomas brought saved their lives, because due to human mind,
they were also given corn, bread, and sweet yams to eat.

after three hundred years, via word of mouth, more aliens landed in their place, there were 
civil war, the suspension of segregation, slavery was developed then removed by lincoln,
and the land was turned into a union with fifty puzzle pieces.

so, our home include all kinds of candy and flavors when Halloween hits, because everyone
appreciate the most powerful freedom of immigration and freedom of expressions...
a girl with yellow hair could smile at a boy with dark face, a woman from Italy could date a man 
from Laos, and if a pumpkin is carved into a ghost, then we believe that people are honoring
our grandparent, great  grandparents, and great great grandparents, or their friends...
Vallory Vencill and Sue Jacobs agree to send some of our young undergraduate students oversea,
so that they learn of Costa Rica culture, Di Ryter and Haseley Stephen decide to study aboard
with their international education majors, so that  they travel and obtain knowledge from Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Granada, Costa Del Sol, Seville, Vietnam, and  Adrience Sanogo and Patricia Jordan found that college education students do have interests in India, China, 
England, Peru, Brazil, France, and Portland..

when US civilians land on a foreign land, they have become aliens to those, and we believe that
on the day of October 31, when a stranger wearing a blue holes costume knocking at your door,
you must admit that it is a way to connect, co-own a piece of sweet emotion, and tease about oneself for being a future ghost so that the tradition continues and we feel nothing but our own greed and narrow minded analysis.

Happy Halloween!