Friday, February 19, 2016

short story slam week 39: these, including you, could be 2016 america president

everyone has a childhood,
all of you wish to be president

that happens when once in four years,
candidates makes public speaks, running for seats

congress, secretary states,
any personal may attempt

during summer of 2015, year sheep,
to November of 2016, year of monkey, the debates continue

we have fun with people who wins fame
and dance this beautiful game

let's scan them,
let's record their energy, willingness, and time spent on hot topics ~~~~

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, John Kasich,
Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Anderson Cooper,

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley,
Pewel Kuczynski, Lawrence Lessig, Lincoln Chafee,

Jim Webb, Rocky De La Fuente, Keith russell Judd,
Sam Sloan, Vemin Supreme, Joe Biden, Michael Steinberg

Harry Braun, Brad Winslow, Willie Carter,
Morrison Bonpasse, Willie Wilson, John Wolfe

Harry Braun, David Mills, Robby Wells,
Howell Astor, Lioyd Kelso, Dough Shreffler

Andy Caffrey, John Kerry, Bob Dole, John McCain,
Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Larry Lessig, Brad Henry

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

how about Emily Dickerson Wu and Marianno Wilson Wu?

not sure how amelia thinks,
it is all about some assumption plus past relation

it sounds unrealistic,
but it is real and funny

barry sanders could agree with jef bush,
but laura bush approves mila welch hanger serilously

as Anne Qin and Paulson Peng obtains Zhongqiang Peng,
they feel much joy

they choose to give up massive lands to brother Adam and Mitt Peng,
and they only require a brick house at the end of Yuan Shuai  river

the home is built when Mieer is small,
and there is a lotus pond about 50 meter away

during summer, Anne often picks up Si Gua fruits from a tree in their front yard,
cooking it with egg drops and eat fresh in a bowl

Zhongqiang Peng is a single lord,
he has speedy wit when he shops, instantly telling the price he needs to pay

nicked named Dark Crow, Zhongqiang Peng refuses to date,
but when Juer Yan ends up a widow, minding Yongcai and Wuzi, alone, upset...

Zhongqiang Peng moves his heart with a nod to Juer Yan,
marrying a 34 year old when he was 27 year old

Hounian Peng was born in July 7, 1946, from Zhongqiang and Juer,
Simei Yan was born July 11, 1946, from Juer Yan's brother and sister-in-law

a match maker ties Hounian Peng to Simei Yan when they are three,
and whenever Hounian Peng visit Yufan village, he sees child girl Simei Yan

On October 20, 1966, Hounian Peng and Simei Yan got marries,
with Simei Yan a party member, and Hounian Peng a Heiliu Primary school teacher

Mia is the oldest daughter of Simei, then comes Caihua, Cunping,
both Caihua and Cunping end up very sad and died from sickness,

Shuhua is 4 year from Mia, born in 1972,
Lexin is 15 year from Mia, born in 1983

the story ends up from Tom Peng ---Paulson Peng--Zhongqiang Peng---Hounian Peng
parallel,                           Gayla Fu----Anne Qin---   Juer Yan------Simei Yan


i don't know someday, Mia  or Mie Er will marry Hong Er,
Mie Er and Hong Er indeed have  Christopher and  Thomas ...

We feel peaceful as Chris and Thomas obtain American college,
passing ACT, SAT, AP tests, and enjoying lots of fabulous people

small children grow up fast,
noting knowing that Justin Wu and Theresa Yan indeed love them distantly, dearly

so, Jill moreno Wilson Wu, Emily Dickerson Wu, and Mariano Wilson Wu,
they are hope of  Kong, Wu, Yan, Peng, Wilson, Chen, Rao, Qin, Fan, Fallin, and Jia...

when Nanchang landlord meets Macau Venetian casino game lord,
they mix Yin, Guan, Wood, Wang, Liu, Yang, with Wu, Xu, Xi, Hu, Peng

Saturday, February 6, 2016

short story slam week 38, the story of the sky

   sabrina swanger
short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

 hotel sky sits at Seoul,
dreaming of American soil and Karen Baker

Sky is a sweet angel,
her passion is passing peaceful noel

three millions  years ago
Sky's grandmother Lansing decides that Sky Shelby McSlam shall preserve ego

with factors unknown
Sky is projected to reflect what Media has shown

So, for many years,
Sky sits, sending her portion of wisdom far or near

one day, Sky falls sleep,
in her dream, she is composing a speech note for Francis Pope

later, when William Yan amd Page Miao think of Sky,
Peijiao Becker and Peilong Greene get into a bad fight...

Sky is a shy motel near Sanya,
Sky intends to expand her mission to Fiji island and Chung-Ang University of Seoul

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