Monday, April 25, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, music, quartz mountain, and lone wolf

Hyde Park Poetry

Academic Excellence,
David Boren, Molly Shi Boren, Linda Neal, Barbara Perkins

Oncue Express, North Washington Street,
Friendly food, VP Racing fuel, OKC

Super Cao Nguyen, North Military Avenue,
Beakers Cafe, Health Science Center Food Court, Carlisa and Shene, OU

David Boren's Student Union,
Morty Schapiro's Northwestern Nu Loyal, Davis Street, Sherman Ave, Church Street

William-Sherwin Paints, Spectrum Paints,
Chuck's Paints, Benjamin Moore, Larry Gosney, Tim Passmore,  Sarah Broyles, Curt Sharp

Jill clothing, Ann Taylor, Yankee Candle, Penn Square Mall,
Barnes & Noble, Half and Half Books, Amazon, Lulu, Create Space

Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, Cello, Film, Poetry, Dancing, Band, Robert Kerr,
Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, Ann Blair, Larry Page, Chuanhui Peng, Jiahong Wu

The Avett Brothers, Chesapeake, Allison Weintraub,
La Baguette, Warren Theatre, Meatball House, Papa John's pizza, the Wright Brothers

Michelle Obama,
a scan of her legacy from Deborah Willis, Emily Bernard, Jana Ryan, Joe Romney,

Oprah Magazine,
Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Craig Robinson, Wilma Vaught, Gayla Foster, Reece foster,

Saturday, April 9, 2016

university of Macau (Aomen Daxue, People's republic of China)

Senior Officer for Laboratory and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Weng Hong LAM, Donald (林永雄) 8822-4277donaldl E11-1029Computer and Information Science
Hok Lam SIO, William (蕭學林) 8822-4285williams E11-2023Computer and Information Science
Senior Officer for Technical and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Chan Tang WONG, Vincent (王鎮登) 8822-4958vincentw E11-4040General Office
Officer for Laboratory and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Sek Un CHEANG, Joe (鄭錫玄) 8822-4284fst.joe E11-3104bElectrical and Computer Engineering
Pedro CHEONG (張子康) 8822-8058pcheong E11-3097Electrical and Computer Engineering
Francisco DE OLIVEIRA 8822-4295olifran E11-2023 Computer and Information Science
Ka In HOI (許嘉賢) 8822-4287kihoi E11-G026Civil and Environmental Engineering
Seng LEONG, John (梁成) 8822-4419jleong E11-3090 Chemistry Supporting Group
Ip Keong LOU, Calvin (勞協強) 8822-8034calvinlo E11-3104bElectrical and Computer Engineering
Weng Tim LOU, Ivan (盧永添) 8822-4298fstwtl E11-2042aElectrical and Computer Engineering
Sein Ye HTUT, Edward (林文龍) 8822-4286fstyhs E11-G025Civil and Environmental Engineering
Song On SHUM (岑崇安) 8822-4288soshum E11-1058Electromechanical Engineering
Hou Kuan TAM (譚浩崑) 8822-4289hktam E11-1056Electromechanical Engineering
Cheong I UNG, David (吳長義) 8822-4282fstciu E11-G018Electrical and Computer Engineering
Officer for Technical and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Chi Pio TOU, Bryan (杜志標) 8822-4361bryantou E11-4040General Office
Assistant Officer for Laboratory and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Huizheng BU (卜輝爭) 8822-8059, 2544huizhengbu E11-3097, 1046Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer and Information Science
Weng Kin CHAN, Eric (陳永健) 8822-4537ericchan E11-4034Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Wai Hei CHOI, Hei (蔡威曦) 8822-8025heichoi E11-G020 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chon Chio LEONG, Roy (梁俊釗) 8822-4299royleong E11-2011aInstitute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Hoi Fong MAK, Leo (麥海峰) 8822-4521leomak E11-2025aMathematics
Pedro Antonio MOU (巫彥其) 8822-4276pedromou E11-3101a, 1049aElectrical and Computer Engineering
Electromechanical Engineering
Chi Him TANG, Clark (鄧智謙) 8822-4798clarktang E11-1046Computer and Information Science
Ka Man TOU (杜家文) 8822-4279kmtou E11-G032Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hang Cheong WONG, Kenh (王衡鏘) 8822-4292hcwong E11-G030Electromechanical Engineering
Po Kee WONG, Ivy (黃寶琪) 8822-8057ivywong E11-G033Electromechanical Engineering
Wenbiao XIE (謝文彪) 8822-8056wbxie E11-3093Civil and Environmental Engineering
Laboratory and Administrative Assistant
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Sin Chi KUOK, Hebe (郭善知) 8822-8019sckuok E11-1055aCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cheok Meng WONG, Jack (黃卓銘) 8822-4431jackwong E11-2039aComputer and Information Science
Senior Clerk
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Hoi Sun CHIO (趙海璇) 8822-4293fsthsc E11-G038Electromechanical Engineering
Administrative Staff
I Man CHAN, Connie (陳綺雯)Senior Administrative Assistant 8822-4977 conniechan E11-4082
Ka Man CHAN, Carmen (陳嘉文)Administrative Assistant 8822-4961 carmenchan E11-3032
Wai In CHAN, Miranda (陳惠燕)Faculty Secretary 8822-4957 mirandac E11-4040a
Weng Si CHAN, Angela (陳詠施)Senior Administrative Assistant 8822-4281 angelachan E11-4040
Sio I IEK, Amy (易筱懿)Administrative Assistant 8822-4978 amyiek E11-4092
Hoi Ieng LAI, Caya (黎凱盈)Administrative Assistant 8822-4906 cayalai E11-4040
Iok Kio LAM, Yukie (林郁喬)Administrative Assistant 8822-4926 yukielam E11-3076
Wai Kuan LAW, Verónica (羅蔚群)Dean's Secretary 8822-4951 veronicalaw E11-4046
Oi In LEI, Freda (李藹妍)Administrative Assistant 8822-4101 fredalei E12-1054
Chong Io LEI, Anna (李頌堯)Administrative Assistant 8822-4227 annalei E11-4042
Meng Wai LEONG, Venus (梁明惠)Administrative Assistant 8822-4967 venusleong E11-3027
Nanda Vinayak PEDNEKAR (費麗嘉)Administrative Officer 8822-4964 nandap E11-4040
Pui Pui SI, Cecilia (施珮珮)Administrative Assistant 8822-4249 ceciliasi E11-4040
Sou Wa SIO, Sara (蕭素華)Functional Head of Budget Affairs and Special Projects 8822-4969 swsarasio E11-4040
Wai Hong SIO (蕭偉康)Senior Clerk 8822-4963 fstwhs E11-4040
Veng Hong SIU, Denis (蕭永鴻) Senior Administrative Assistant 8822-4968 denissiu E11-4040
Si Wan SOU, Susie (蘇詩韻)Administrative Assistant 8822-4125 susiesou E11-4042