Saturday, April 9, 2016

university of Macau (Aomen Daxue, People's republic of China)

Senior Officer for Laboratory and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Weng Hong LAM, Donald (林永雄) 8822-4277donaldl E11-1029Computer and Information Science
Hok Lam SIO, William (蕭學林) 8822-4285williams E11-2023Computer and Information Science
Senior Officer for Technical and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Chan Tang WONG, Vincent (王鎮登) 8822-4958vincentw E11-4040General Office
Officer for Laboratory and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Sek Un CHEANG, Joe (鄭錫玄) 8822-4284fst.joe E11-3104bElectrical and Computer Engineering
Pedro CHEONG (張子康) 8822-8058pcheong E11-3097Electrical and Computer Engineering
Francisco DE OLIVEIRA 8822-4295olifran E11-2023 Computer and Information Science
Ka In HOI (許嘉賢) 8822-4287kihoi E11-G026Civil and Environmental Engineering
Seng LEONG, John (梁成) 8822-4419jleong E11-3090 Chemistry Supporting Group
Ip Keong LOU, Calvin (勞協強) 8822-8034calvinlo E11-3104bElectrical and Computer Engineering
Weng Tim LOU, Ivan (盧永添) 8822-4298fstwtl E11-2042aElectrical and Computer Engineering
Sein Ye HTUT, Edward (林文龍) 8822-4286fstyhs E11-G025Civil and Environmental Engineering
Song On SHUM (岑崇安) 8822-4288soshum E11-1058Electromechanical Engineering
Hou Kuan TAM (譚浩崑) 8822-4289hktam E11-1056Electromechanical Engineering
Cheong I UNG, David (吳長義) 8822-4282fstciu E11-G018Electrical and Computer Engineering
Officer for Technical and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Chi Pio TOU, Bryan (杜志標) 8822-4361bryantou E11-4040General Office
Assistant Officer for Laboratory and Administrative Affairs
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Huizheng BU (卜輝爭) 8822-8059, 2544huizhengbu E11-3097, 1046Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer and Information Science
Weng Kin CHAN, Eric (陳永健) 8822-4537ericchan E11-4034Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Wai Hei CHOI, Hei (蔡威曦) 8822-8025heichoi E11-G020 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chon Chio LEONG, Roy (梁俊釗) 8822-4299royleong E11-2011aInstitute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Hoi Fong MAK, Leo (麥海峰) 8822-4521leomak E11-2025aMathematics
Pedro Antonio MOU (巫彥其) 8822-4276pedromou E11-3101a, 1049aElectrical and Computer Engineering
Electromechanical Engineering
Chi Him TANG, Clark (鄧智謙) 8822-4798clarktang E11-1046Computer and Information Science
Ka Man TOU (杜家文) 8822-4279kmtou E11-G032Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hang Cheong WONG, Kenh (王衡鏘) 8822-4292hcwong E11-G030Electromechanical Engineering
Po Kee WONG, Ivy (黃寶琪) 8822-8057ivywong E11-G033Electromechanical Engineering
Wenbiao XIE (謝文彪) 8822-8056wbxie E11-3093Civil and Environmental Engineering
Laboratory and Administrative Assistant
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Sin Chi KUOK, Hebe (郭善知) 8822-8019sckuok E11-1055aCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cheok Meng WONG, Jack (黃卓銘) 8822-4431jackwong E11-2039aComputer and Information Science
Senior Clerk
NameTelEmailOfficeDepartment / Group
Hoi Sun CHIO (趙海璇) 8822-4293fsthsc E11-G038Electromechanical Engineering
Administrative Staff
I Man CHAN, Connie (陳綺雯)Senior Administrative Assistant 8822-4977 conniechan E11-4082
Ka Man CHAN, Carmen (陳嘉文)Administrative Assistant 8822-4961 carmenchan E11-3032
Wai In CHAN, Miranda (陳惠燕)Faculty Secretary 8822-4957 mirandac E11-4040a
Weng Si CHAN, Angela (陳詠施)Senior Administrative Assistant 8822-4281 angelachan E11-4040
Sio I IEK, Amy (易筱懿)Administrative Assistant 8822-4978 amyiek E11-4092
Hoi Ieng LAI, Caya (黎凱盈)Administrative Assistant 8822-4906 cayalai E11-4040
Iok Kio LAM, Yukie (林郁喬)Administrative Assistant 8822-4926 yukielam E11-3076
Wai Kuan LAW, Verónica (羅蔚群)Dean's Secretary 8822-4951 veronicalaw E11-4046
Oi In LEI, Freda (李藹妍)Administrative Assistant 8822-4101 fredalei E12-1054
Chong Io LEI, Anna (李頌堯)Administrative Assistant 8822-4227 annalei E11-4042
Meng Wai LEONG, Venus (梁明惠)Administrative Assistant 8822-4967 venusleong E11-3027
Nanda Vinayak PEDNEKAR (費麗嘉)Administrative Officer 8822-4964 nandap E11-4040
Pui Pui SI, Cecilia (施珮珮)Administrative Assistant 8822-4249 ceciliasi E11-4040
Sou Wa SIO, Sara (蕭素華)Functional Head of Budget Affairs and Special Projects 8822-4969 swsarasio E11-4040
Wai Hong SIO (蕭偉康)Senior Clerk 8822-4963 fstwhs E11-4040
Veng Hong SIU, Denis (蕭永鴻) Senior Administrative Assistant 8822-4968 denissiu E11-4040
Si Wan SOU, Susie (蘇詩韻)Administrative Assistant 8822-4125 susiesou E11-4042